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Aikman’s Bar~Bistro, 32 Bell Street,           St. Andrews       01334 477425

Aikman's Bar~Bistro and The Cellar Bar are situated in the centre of historic St. Andrews and have been renowned for the quality of its food as well as for the widest and probably most interesting Drinks list in Town for 20 years now. Situated in the warehouse of one of the oldest businesses in St. Andrews, we look to maintain the high standard of food and drink which allowed the original Aikman & Terras Food and Wine business to trade for more than 144 years.

We are also pleased to say that we have been listed in the CAMRA "Good Beer Guide" for 26 years since 1987 and showcase at least 400 Cask Ales every year and on average nine different ales every week.

Live music features heavily in our programme of events and there are usually two nights every week given over to showcasing new and established bands and artistes across the range of music - from jazz to blues to folk. This commitment has earned us the title of  
"The Home of Live Music in St. Andrews" for more than 25 years.


 At present we feature a Daytime Menu of selected dishes ranging from our famous Soups - all made on the premises and drawn from a list of more than 50 recipes - through our main course dishes including our speciality Pies with fillings such as Venison, Mushroom and Red Wine, Fisherman’s Pie with Haddock Salmon and Prawns and our Steak and Ale Pie with Guinness or 80/- Ale. As well as a wide range of the more inventive Vegetarian dishes.
 This is available  ALL DAY from 11 in the morning until closing .
The Menu is derived from our own interest in dishes from across the world and have included such delights as Malayan Satays, Swordfish, Dim Sum
from the Far East, Imam Bayildi from Turkey and Jalapenos and Fajitas from Mexico. These dishes are complemented by dishes from Scotland too and we have always sought to bring the best of Scottish cooking to a discerning and interested audience including Salmon, Venison and Haggis! We also fall victim to the Scots famous love of all things sweet and our Sweets reveals this in all its glory!
CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) has been at the forefront of the case against "chemical" concoctions posing as beer for over 25 years and an entry in their Guide is a testament to the effort that bars are prepared to make to present good ales from the breweries across the country.

We like to think we've made a contribution to that effort with 26 entries in CAMRA's "Good Beer Guide" in the past 27 years.

We have also been known as the European Beer Specialists for more than 25 years with
Erdinger, Bitburger and Kozel on Draught and at least sixty bottled beers from Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic.
And since no visit to Scotland would be complete without sampling some Malt whiskies, we're pleased to say that we can offer at least thirty to begin the experience!
Aikman’s Bar~Bistro, 32 Bell Street, St. Andrews 01334 477425