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NineteenYears in the “Good Beer Guide” and still going strong!!
It seems amazing actually that we've been doing it that long but the books don't lie, I suppose!
Over the years, we've presented countless Ales and developed friendships with Brewers from across the country. And, sadly, seen some fine Breweries disappear. Happily, we've also seen a wide range of new Breweries emerging and adding to the reputation of Cask Ale and enabling us to continue the good fight.
That "fight" is a necessary one. The old Beerage Monopoly may have changed its shape but not necessarily its spots and where there were brewery chains there are now Pub Chains. Invariably tied to a small selection of Breweries and working from a restricted Portfolio.

That seems to have succeeded and people are now more aware of the beauty of quality beer and the commitment that brewers can make to producing a quality product.
Malt Whiskies, Russian and Polish vodkas, Rums and virtually any other form of alcohol from across the world complete the array!! It's dirty work but someone has to do it!
In that time, we have also followed on with our interest in European Beers. Which means that we now have at least 40 European beers in bottles  from Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic and Poland.
And on Draught, Classics such as
Hoegaarden and Erdinger now sit alongside Bitburger from Germany and Palm from Belgium.
And it goes without saying that that effort would have been in vain if it hadn't been for people on the other side of the bar insisting that 5 day old, chemical fizz isn't necessarily their idea of a good night out.

Without that support, none of this would have been possible so much of what we have done is down to all of you who have helped fight that good fight.
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