Island Malts
Highland Park - from the Northernmost of Scotland's distilleries, Highland Park combines what might be said to be the great qualities of a classic malt. It reflects all the qualities of an island malt in that the malting is peat based, as with all the Islays for instance, yet combines this with maltiness and roundness found in the Speysides. A terrific "beginners" malt for those with reservations about the characteristics of some Islays!
Talisker - A distinctly individualistic malt from the Isle of Skye! It explodes on the taste buds like no other, with overtones of smoke and a pepperiness that makes it unmistakeable. The finish is stunningly long with a malty--sweetness that makes it beloved of all its adherents. Not for the faint hearted but truly classic malt.
Jura - almost inevitably overshadowed by its larger neighbour's output, the Jura, nonetheless, loses nothing in the sharing. The malt used is more lightly peated than elsewhere and this allows the "pine" quality, dryness and sweetness to shine through. A lovely malt worth exploring.
Tobermory - Another of the smaller contributions - from the Island of Mull. An unusual balance because the water for the distillery is heavily peated but this is balanced by the use of unpeated malt in the mash.The result is a malt whisky that has toffee notes, just a touch of peat and a light, sweet finish.
Oban - a malt whisky that, again, reflects its island home. Not overly peated, the malt tends to be smooth and fruity rather than smoky and is warming and sweet in the finish.
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